Inception Growth Opportunities Fund

Inception Growth Opportunities Fund (IGOF) has a broad mandate to invest in high-growth private companies and special opportunities both within Australia and internationally. We are strategic in identifying areas of potential opportunity or risk as these change over time and seek to position the portfolio accordingly.

We prefer to be actively engaged with our portfolio companies and support them as a value-adding stakeholder, rather than taking passive positions.

While our investment exposure in IGOF is relatively concentrated, the portfolio remains diversified by sector, industry and market.


Private Debt Opportunities Fund

The Private Debt Opportunities Fund (PDF) invests in a portfolio of primarily private debt and related securities and associated special opportunities globally, through specialist funds and directly. It aims to offer “equity-like” returns with less risk through investments generally made on a secured or “preferred” basis.

While PDF is designed as an “all weather” strategy to deliver returns through the cycle, it is a high conviction, return-seeking approach not designed to be a replacement for or component of the traditional fixed income or defensive portion of an investor’s portfolio.

PDF is flexible and can deploy investment to be used up and down the capital structure of a company. While we have a preference for exposure to senior secured loans, the portfolio will be actively managed to position for prevailing and anticipated market conditions, including being able to take advantage of periods of market dislocation.


Co-Investment Funds

From time to time, Inception facilitates co-investment opportunities alongside its diversified funds. This allows us to scale into opportunities beyond the capacity of the diversified funds while at the same time providing our investors and capital partners allocation flexibility to increase their investment into opportunities they find particularly attractive.