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The Inception Growth Opportunities Fund

We are the investment manager, operator and promoter of this fund. Inception Fiduciary Pty Ltd ABN 97 609 545 084 AFSL 485 866 is the trustee, responsible for holding the assets.

The fund invests in high-growth private equity and venture capital, and special opportunities.

Investors can be any type: individuals, family trusts, companies or super funds for example.  But this fund is an unregistered managed scheme available to wholesale clients only.

This is an illiquid investment, of moderate to high risk. You can lose as well as make money. Neither the capital you invest nor any return is guaranteed. This fund has a recommended investment time frame of a minimum of 5 years.

You can obtain a copy of the Information Memorandum here.  The information in that document is subject to change from time to time. Any changes of a material nature will be provided in a replacement or supplement document. The Information Memorandum does not take into account your personal circumstances, and you are encouraged to seek professional advice before investing.

About the future, about the past

This thing is sure: the future is uncertain, and the past has forever gone.

On this website and in our information memoranda and other communications with you, we may speak of forecasts, objectives and targets for our investments.  It is very important to understand that these are simply goals.  In investing, there are always uncertainties and risks. Remember:

  • performance and volatility change over time
  • past performance and volatility are not always a good indicator of what may happen in the future
  • neither returns or the money you invest are guaranteed – you can lose as well as make money and
  • actual performance and volatility depends on many factors including financial market performance and the risks.


All investments are subject to varying risks, and the value of your investment will rise and fall over time. As a general rule, the higher the potential returns, the higher the level of risk.

Changes in value can be significant and they can happen quickly – the greater and faster the changes the greater the volatility. The Investment Manager expects this Fund to be of low volatility over the long term due to relative illiquidity and frequency of valuations and re-pricing.

Different types of investments have different risk characteristics which will affect the Fund.

When risk materialises, yields can be lower than targeted, and could be nil, and capital invested may fall significantly in value.

We make no promise that the ways in which risks are aimed to be managed will be successful.

You can lose as well as make money. Neither the capital you invest nor any return is guaranteed.

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Is this website up to date?

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What else?

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